Jesus Jean the Coffee is Off


I love it!

Boycott Gloria JeansI would never buy a coffee from Gloria Jean’s after it has been revealed that they sponsor my mate Wally at the Australian Chruntian Lobby. (The hr in Chruntian is silent).  You can read all about this over at my mate the Gladly the cross eyed bear’s blog.  She’s good, damn good.  And also the delectable Doug Pollard’s work in this has been outstanding and so many others.

Gloria Jean’s have been bending over backwards to say that they aren’t the slightest bit homophobic.  That people can believe what they like.  To which the rest of us snort and dribble a bit.

Gloria Jean’s said this on their Facebook page:

The religious affiliation and preferences of some our management, Franchise Partners or Team Members, is their personal choice and bears no relevance to the way that our business runs day to day.

And on their corporate site you’ll find this statement:

The diversity in our Gloria Jean’s Coffees family is significant but from our Support office in Australia to our baristas in South Africa & our Logistics Managers in Turkey, the Gloria Jean’s Coffees family is connected by our shared vision to be “the most loved and respected coffee company in the world”. We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in everything we do and foster a culture of enthusiasm, family values and a strong belief in people.

Well, yes, they have diversity in people, some of them are black, there’ll be a token Asian or two and probably a Scot.  They talk in terms of family and their shared vision to be the most loved and respected coffee company in the world….ok.  And here’s the bit that gets me, it’s all too happy clappy, they want to foster a culture of enthusiasm (Praise the lord!), family values (Oh yes, we all know what family and values means) and a strong belief in people!  Jesus be praised!

You can pick up their advertising around the traps.  People like Dave the Happy Singer found a logo on a ute.  The Jesus Ute, none the less.

The Jesus Ute is driven by Andrew ‘FishTail’ Fisher.  Oh groan.  He’s sponsored by Gloria Jean’s, The Bible Society and Compassion Australia.  Andrew Fisher has a strong connection to the Jesus All About Life campaign1, which is run by the Bible Society.  FishTail (fishy to his mates) proudly displays the logos on the bottom of his website:

Fishy Logos

Logos from Jesus Racing website

When Fishy put the jesus all about life logo on his ute he says on his site:

Secondly, it took away any chance of raising funds for sponsorship from mainstream secular companies as this would confuse the message too much.

Mainstream secular companies.  Therefore, he needs religious based organisation not to confuse the message of jesus.  In comes Gloria Jean’s, who’s logo is still on the bottom of his site.

It seems that Gloria Jean’s only support organisations that love jesus, and organisations that deny the rights of everyone that isn’t straight.  They try to sound like good corporate citizens and dress the whole thing up by talking about how they support people in poverty, but even that comes with a jesus message.

And, I have to say, that when I was at school, it was a well known fact that girls that wore jeans had abortions. Sister Jean said so.  So, Gloria, did you?  (Sorry, that was a random thought)

Anyway Ms. Jean – time to fess up and stop pretending you’re the slightest bit interested in anything other than spreading the vile notions of people like the Bible Society and the Australian Christian Lobby.

  1.  I blogged about that campaign in 2009 read it here
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  2. crystalsinger says:

    And of course Compassion Australia is also funded by… Gloria Jeans. Double whammy.