Muehlenberg’s Quotes are Quoteable


Poor Billy Muelsy.  Not only does he have to contend with poofters trying to wreck his marriage by getting married to anyone but him, but now he has to worry about what christians are posting on their Facebook profiles.

The smug self righteous Muelsy has taken to picking a few quotes that cause some sort of christian angst for him and tries to debunk them.  I laughed when I got to this one:

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” Anne Lamott

I’ve seen that one around a bit.  I rather suspect it’s not just christians posting it.

This sound neat, and it especially sounds so inclusive and non-judgmental – which are the chief virtues, not of biblical Christianity, but of our secular and sentimental age. Of course in one sense we are to do what the old cliché says: we are to hate the sin while loving the sinner.

Ok, it seems he’s taking the quote rather seriously…

But usually the folks throwing around this quote have in mind something like this: those who stand up for God’s standards and oppose the radical agendas of the militant homosexual lobbies, or the abortionists, or the pornographers, and so on, are hate-filled and unloving.

Umm… no it’s not… I don’t think that… Words fail me.  I mean really, what the fuck is that?  People posting that, dear Billy me old mate, are saying that if you hate gays, abortion and porno and those are also the things that your god hates, then isn’t is sort of funny how you and your god agree so closely on who to hate,  why one could almost think you’d make god up to match your own internal hatreds.

They falsely argue that to object to these radical social agendas means one is a hater. But to love marriage and family and to resist those seeking to destroy those institutions does not make one a hater. To be concerned about what God is concerned about is in fact to be loving.

Sccchwwoooom… Splat.

That was the sound of the quote hurling at light speed across the void going right over Muelsy’s head and hitting the wall.

You can safely assume that if what god is concerned about is the same as what you’re concerned about then one of you is made up.

And the Bible makes it clear that we should have God’s heart on things: we should love what he loves and hate what he hates.

I wonder if he’s brain ever actually hurts.

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