The ACL – ultimate Death Cult


I do love the Australian Cuntian Lobby.  They have such a wonderful way of looking at the world.

The call for free abortions expressed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 6 August (Call for free abortions as needy women priced out of procedure) based on the cost of abortions to needy woman demonstrates how the Government sector has its moral compass pointing away from women and their children towards perpetuating a culture of death.

This coming from christians – the ultimate death cult.  Life to them is unimportant.  They must serve their god who killed his own son and now they must die to meet their god.  It seems to me they’re the ones with the death culture.  So much so that they say to be born into eternal life you have to accept their god and then die.  Go figure.

This week, Debbie Garrett, Executive Director of Real Choices Australia (RCA) said that the cases cited in the SMH article “demonstrates how miserably we are failing to support women and children out of their dire circumstances by offering them surgical solutions to their social problems. The pregnant homeless woman should be provided housing and financial support rather than abortion”.

Real Choices Australia?  Must be a christian front group if ACL are using them as someone worthy of quoting.  Of course, they think that everyone should have a baby.  Never mind that the women we are talking about here are ‘needy’.  Their solution – call it a ‘social problem’ then suggest the government should provide housing and financial support.  No mention of the ACL or RCA doing anything practical other than passing the buck.

The Australian Christian Lobby contends that abortion is not the solution to the economic and social problems of pregnant women.

ACL will continue to lobby State Governments for significant abortion law reform that will eventually affirm a culture of life and protection for the unborn.

All the ACL is concerned about is that women have their babies, regardless of what happens afterwards.  It doesn’t matter that they are poor or that the child is unwanted.  They don’t see it as their role to put money into the solution.  No, they need that to fight the gays and their marriage proposal.   Much better to spend millions on lobbying the government to stop the gays having children they want!

The March commences at 1pm from Treasury Gardens and will feature an address from Lord Nicholas Windsor. The organisers are targeting an attendance of 20,000 to send a clear message to the Victorian Parliament that “we the people” demand rights for the unborn child.

The ACL claim that the right to marriage equality is not a right, it’s an invented right.  Now they want to invent new rights for unborn children.  They’re all for massing their forces to stop abortion but offer no real way to help those women other than to have the government to support them.

Another example of a bunch of men sitting around making grand decision that have no direct impact on their own lives but greatly affects the lives of those they seek to ‘help’.

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