Spinksy hopes God has a good excuse


Just when you thought that married life for Spinksy would settle him down, you know now he can get laid while Jesus watches, along he comes with another wild blog to tell those Atheists just how fucked they’re gonna be!

The Atheist Convention of 2011 was such a rousing success that they are doing it again in Melbourne. This means that there will be another round of advertisments. Chiefly among those is the advertisement on the side of a bus, which this year will be saying “If God exists, I hope He has a good excuse”:

The last Global Atheist Convention, and the first one too, was in 2010 and it too was in Melbourne.  As part of the lead up the lead up to the 2012 event, the Australian Atheist Foundation has done some advertising on buses.

Thankfully David Nicholls, president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, has elaborated “Woody Allen’s words encapsulate the thoughts of the freethinking community and the sneaking suspicions of a growing number of religious people as well. Considering the immensity of the unnecessary death, pain and suffering on the planet, an alleged all-powerful and all-loving god certainly has a lot to answer for.”

Essentially God needs an excuse for the “immensity of the unnecessary death, pain and suffering on the planet”.

I think the point is that atheist don’t accept that there is a god.  Hence the word ‘alleged’ in the quote.

It is important to note that death, pain and suffering were created because of our evil decisions.

So now it’s out fault that your perfect god created people who could do great evil.  Not your god who is to blame for allowing it to happen in the first place.  Now you have to make excuses for god.

It is a dangerous game to attribute God with the consequences of man’s sinful decisions. Let us hope these atheists realise their folly.

Oh yeah Spinksy, we understand.  You are so shit frightened of dying and going to hell that you’ll do all you can to make it look like you’re going to heaven.  Got news for you dear, you’re going to die and that’s it.  The folly is that you’ve wasted your life chasing invisible ugly pixies.  This isn’t a dangerous game.

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