Pray Pell, Pray


Cardinal George Pell Hell, thinks that if you pray, god will cure your cancer.

“Yes, obviously (cancer can be cured by prayer),” Cardinal Pell told ABC television today.

Obviously you are the ultimate wishful thinker George.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, this year 42,000 are expected to die from the disease in Australia alone. 1

Its such a stupid crock of shit thinking that prayer will get rid of cancer, even worse when that ‘cure’ is attributed to a dead person who the living want to be a saint.  So, this god thing, the creator of the universe, in his wisdom created cancer so that when you get it you can pray to him and he’ll cure it?  What sort of warped system is that.

And what’s the criteria for cure from god?  How do you explain to the other 41,999 people that they’re going to die regardless of their prayers.  How does god decided who to cure.  People believe this bullshit with all their heart and they still die a long and painful death because of the false hope that Mary Fucking Mackillop will step in and cure it for them.

Cancer costs $3.8 billion in direct health system costs.2 Perhaps those that get cured could ask the church to hand over a bit of money, maybe we could sue the church for all those believers that pray and die anyway.

Cardinal Pell says that won’t give sick people a false sense of security because they realise cure by prayer is a “very long shot”.

Very very very long shot, so long that it has never happened.

Medical treatment, surgery, skill of the doctors and health care professionals is what cures cancer.  It’s time to stop the rot and call stupid statements like this for what they are, stupid, inane, uneducated, wishful thinking, baseless, idiotic crap.

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