Rabbi Kills Baby in Oral Sucking Incident


As if it isn’t bad enough that people in the world still think that circumcision is a pretty good idea, some in the jewish tradition go that one step further and have the rabbit performing the ritual suck the blood from the baby’s penis.

Think about that.

There’s all sorts of things wrong with sucking the penis of a new born baby.  You try doing it outside of the religious context and see how quickly you end up on a sex offenders register.

To make matters worse, back in September a baby died from herpes, passed on to him by an unknown rabbi who performed the circumcision and sucked the excess blood from the little boys penis.

A baby is dead because a grown man cut the baby’s foreskin off and sucked the blood away.

And the parents watch and let this happen.

Repulsive beyond belief.

There seems to have been a cover up as the news has only recently surfaced.

Why is it when religion is involved there’s an attempt at a cover up?  What sort of influence needs to be exerted to keep the death of a baby quiet?

Why hasn’t the offending rabbi been locked up?  Why hasn’t he been apprehended and charged with murder, at the very least man slaughter.

There’s only one way to stop this unnecessary ritual, that is to ban it.  Time to stop rabbis from performing circumcisions.  I don’t care how many they’ve done.  It’s just plain wrong.  I understand the importance that jews place on circumcision, but it’s time to get it out of the hands of dirty old men and into a clean clinical setting.  (I think it’d be better to not circumcise anyone at all)

Anyone who breaks the law should get jail time.

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