Housing Crisis!


There’s a housing crisis of sorts in Melbourne, that is, people can’t afford to buy one.  Means they have to rent.  There’ a rental crisis in Melbourne too – not enough of it, and it’s expensive.

Now there’s some concerned parents screaming about it at AJN Watch.  They want to know how their children will ever afford accommodation which enables them to live in their shtetl in downtown Caulfield.

If the situation is so dire for the general popluation, al achas kamoh vekamoh for obersernant Jews who are so severely limited to where they can live?

I’m not sure what ‘al achas kamoh vekamoh’ means, however, jews are not severely limited to where they can live.  Like the rest of the population they can live wherever they want, really, they can.  The perceived restriction is completely self-imposed and completely unnecessary.  Take the whole notion of eruv, it’s an enclosure, or an area where observant jews can carry things out of doors on the sabbath that would otherwise be banned, the restrictions mean that those that observe the crazy jewish laws are unable to carry a set of keys or a tissue in their pockets, let alone push a pram.  This is of course completely impractical if you want to get about on a Saturday afternoon, if you have a runny nose and want to get to the synagogue, so to alleviate this massive inconvenience to their lifestyle, they’ve adopted modern day techniques of marking the territory by using things like light poles and wires.  Now, this is crazy shit.

Anyway – back to the article,

AJN Watch considers rocketing home prices as one of the most serious issues facing our community,

Oh, most serious?  More serious than youth suicide?  More serious than violent attacks because of your religion?  More serious than the floods in Queensland? I mean really, get a grip.

one that needs to be taken up immediately by the Shuls and organisations.

Why?  You perceive the problem and you want someone else to provide you with a solution?  Come on, the rest of the world doesn’t owe you anything, sunshine.

We cannot continue to tolerate a situation where families with 5 – and even more – children are cramped into 2 bedroom flats.  And even these do not come cheap. Weekly rental of over $400 is quite common. And if you want to buy one, have over $400,000 ready.

I agree, that’s intolerable, I mean really, there are people in the world that live in slums or have no roof over their heads and it’s so fucking unfair that you have to shove more than five kids into a nice suburban two bedroom flat (the word ‘contraception’ screams in the background).   I suggest you move to better accommodation, I know a little place called Ararat, they have a 4 bedroom home for rent, it’s only $350.00 per week.  I guess you can either downsize family if you want to live in Melbourne, perhaps just one kid is enough – you do know what causes children don’t you?  Or if you can’t stop breeding, move to somewhere larger, out of the way.  In any case, take some responsibility and stop expecting someone else to fix your accomodation issues.

I guess you now know what I think of your special needs.

If you really want to know why we are in a crisis with housing, why the prices are so inflated and the impact that this has on rental accommodation, get yourself over to An Onymous Lefty and read some of his articles on the real crisis, not this made up twaddle by some ‘observant’ self-serving religious fundamentalists.

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