Careful where you sit!

In Israel, for reason of modesty, women are expected to sit in the back of the buses. They have to enter by the rear door and they have to sit in the back least the poor men in the front should catch of glimpse of them, crack half a mongrel and have to deal with it.

Last week the High Court of Justice has seen fit to throw out the idea of segregated buses and let women sit where they want.

Wait on a minute… this had to go to court?  They really need a court to decide that segregation on a public bus is just wrong?  That’s a laugh.

I mean it’s such a hassle being a man in Israel.  You have to be careful to avert your eyes, least you glance a female on the bus, you must never sit where she has sat because it might be that time of the month, you must never hear her sing or gaze upon her hair.  I mean, how’s a man to cope with all the rules given by god, for all to follow.

Judaism is crazy, they beat women for sitting in the front seat for fuck sake, (ok, that’s the fundamentalist), but this is crazy shit and it’s a crying shame that basic human rights have to go to court because some hard-line religious nuts don’t understand that most of the world does not agree with their silly religion.

Yet another reason to keep religion and state separate.

Makes me want to don a dress and sit next to a guy in a big hat and a black coat. I’m a lady.

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One Response to Careful where you sit!

  1. Zoe Brain says:

    Last time I was in Israel was in 2006, doing interesting things at Haifa Naval Base to do with submarines.

    I tend to wear black – black skirt, black top – with my hair long and unbound. So I unwittingly looked like a member of one of the more Orthodox sects, rather than a Shicksa.

    Fortunately my Israeli minders clued me in on some of the local customs. It was an interesting experience, knowing almost nothing about the weird and wonderful ways of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, yet constantly being mistaken for one – until I opened my mouth, and spoke in Australian-accented English.

    Then it turned out that as my mother’s mother’s mother was Jewish, technically I’m a Red Sea Pedestrian too as far as they’re concerned. “Welcome to the tribe” as one said.

    “Funny, you do look Jewish”. 😀