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Having just published a blog on The Booba and her ramblings on circumcision, I find she’s published another blog on the whole issue!

A look over the blog gives us a few gems.

So for those charmers who demand to know my medical opinion on non-medically necessary circumcision? I’m against it. Yes, I agree that infants, young children or anyone in fact, should not have a circumcision unless there is a medical problem such as phimosis, or unless they live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where male circumcision has been shown in several controlled studies to lower the rate of HIV transmission significantly.

She’s against it.  So, why is she for it?

I am a Jew and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

There’s no responsibility in being a jew.  You either choose to be or you don’t.

I am a Jew because my mother was a Jew, and her mother was a Jew, and her mother was a Jew, and her mother was a Jew. Beyond that, I confess, I’m guessing.

No, you’re a jew because you want to be. You can stop being a jew at any time, you could be a muslim, a catholic or even an pagan.  It has nothing to do with your parents.

Up Yours

Up Yours Booba!

I have three beautiful sons (my daughters are beautiful too, for any who are reading this) and well do I remember the clutching of my heart and the lump in my throat and the strong desire to snatch my newborn away from the Kvatter and run. My precious, pink, soft and infinitely vulnerable little bundle with 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes and a tiny little penis with a teeny-tiny little foreskin. And a Jewish mother; me. And 3,000 years of history. And an Eternal Covenant between G-d and the Jews. And the decision was made. The choice was made thousands of years ago, when HaShem chose the Jews to perfect the world and create a ‘Dirat beTachtonim’, a dwelling place for G-d on Earth.

So, on one hand you say that nobody should be circumcised, then on the other hand you claim it’s ok because some crazy goat herder 3,000 years ago cut his own foreskin off.  The choice was made by you Dr Booba, you need to accept that responsibility rather than rely on the old “God made me do it” statement.  That’s just crazy shit.
I don’t know the mind of G-d. I don’t understand the Holocaust, or the Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion, or all the atrocities perpetrated on Jews for being Jews.  All I know, as a human, as a mother, as a doctor, is that there are things which go beyond the rational, beyond the intellect. So much in Judaism doesn’t make sense, even though after the fact it might.
So you, an educated person acknowledges that there is no rhyme or reason to the world.   You acknowledge that it doesn’t make sense.  The only answer to your question of why the holocaust, why the inquisition, why the atrocities against the jews is that there is no god.  You just need to use your intellectual honesty to address the imbalance in your mind.
I don’t keep kosher because it’s a healthy way to eat;
Eating non-kosher is also a healthy way to live.
I don’t avoid shellfish because they might be contaminated with E coli;
Most shellfish aren’t contaminated.
likewise, I don’t keep Shabbat because studies have shown that it’s a good way for families to connect.
Every mealtime is a good time to connect with family, you don’t need religion to make it so.
I didn’t keep the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha because of a lesser risk of cervical cancer or because the separation made for fun reunions.
Sex while you’re menstruting is just messy, but your religion claims that you’re impure.  What a disgusting way to treat women. It is after all a natural function of your body.
These things may or may not be true, but they all depend on an intellectual appreciation of these practices.
There’s nothing intellectual about accepting the words in a text that was written thousands of years ago.  They hold no great truth to the way the world works.  All of our science clearly demonstrates this.
No. I observe them because I am a Jew and they are an intrinsic part of G-d’s commandments. I may not be a perfect Jew and my observances may not be perfect at all times, but I am a Jew, and there are great responsibilities that come with it. One of those is to ensure that my sons have Brit Milah, preferably on the 8th day of life, whether I agree with it or not as a doctor or a mother.
Again, you’re using your religion to perpetrate harm on another person who may not want you to do that.  You attempt to minimise this harm by claiming the foreskin is expendable (in your last blog) and this time you say it’s a ‘teeny-tiny little foreskin’.  You do say that the child in your arms is ‘infinitely vulnerable little bundle’ and in your role as that boy’s mother you seek to minimise the mutilation you are about to impose on him by saying god told me to do it.  You hide behind the notion that some great responsibility sits on your shoulders.  There is no greater responsibility as a mother than to care for your child.  You have failed your children by allowing them to be circumcised.  Dress it up however you like, but at the end of the day, you put aside your own ethical stance against circumcision and allowed it to happen.
And if that makes me an ignorant, superstitious savage, well, that’s some peoples’ interpretation.
And one that rightly fits.  You’re using ancient customs in a modern era.  All because a make-believe god said so.
I will never be able to convince them otherwise, because the thing about Faith is that you need faith to have it. If you don’t believe, then you don’t believe, and there is nothing that I can say or do to make a non-believer have faith in G-d and His goodness. It cannot be argued logically, not by the likes of me, anyway.
It never ceases to amaze me that otherwise intelligent people can see the shortcomings in their beliefs, but they continue to have these crazy superstitions. It’s not a matter of faith, is just blind stupidity.  You acknowledge how wrong it all is, but do it anyway. How lucky to be able to compartmentalise your brain like that.
So, for all those anti-circumcision crusaders, feel free to worship your foreskins and the physical perfection of yourselves and your sons. But leave Brit Milah alone, because it is about a lot more than a piece of skin.
The reason it’s not left alone is because you’re inflicting it on another human.
What ever happened to the notion that a doctor should do no harm?
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