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Pell Thinks French are Better

[SOURCE] George Hell, his grub of the most high in the catholic church has been crowing like  a chook that needs its head cut off as it’s stopped laying.  He likes that some French folk are against marriage equality. France is different, known for its food and wines, beautiful countryside, and the French Revolution (1789) […]

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Pell is sorry?

[SOURCE] Cardinal Hell, his grace the most graceful of grace sort of said on the telly last week that he thought the jews were intellectually inferior to the advanced civilisations around them.  That’s why  god chose them as his special friends, with benefits, so he could fuck them over and they wouldn’t know.  He didn’t […]

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Catholics and Respect

It would help me in considering your request for a meeting to receive an assurance that you and the AME do not regard opposition to same-sex marriage in itself as a form of prejudice and discrimination, and that you are prepared to say this publicly. This is from George Hell’s Christmas letters to Australian Marriage […]


Frock Devices

More on George Cardinal Hell and his “Christmas Letters”, oh, and a nice photo of Hell in a frock.


Enter Pell’s Hell

George Cardinal Hell is upset because people won’t do what he says any more – I think it’s the colour of his dress that turns them off.

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What makes you eminent?

The Catholic Church still uses silly titles that it’s officers take upon themselves and the faithful flock around bowing and scraping. Silly people


Sainthood – here I come!

MFM, Cardinal Hell and Pope Benndydick are busy saying magic words and cross dressing, meanwhile, the people are poor, starving and dieing. That’s ok, as long as we have some new saints.

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Election called.

Just who got hot and bothered when the election was called?


Politics and jesus – The ACL

The ACL have been busy getting themselves organised for the upcoming election, Jim Wallace, the most upstanding and righteous person in Australia, closer to his god than even Archbishop Hell, organised to get KRudd and The Rabbit into the same space to talk about all things christian. It was a secret meeting, unless you paid […]

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The Freshly Doug Rabbit

[SOURCE] Doug Pollard interviewed Tony Abbott on his radio show earlier this week (Joy 94.9).  It was a really good interview, the rabbit seems quite honest in his answers.  Of course the rabbit recently said that he felt threatened by gay people, and that we challenge the natural order of things.1 So, I guess he […]

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