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Compassion is what’s needed

It’s really easy to use the bible to support your own point of view and ignore the rest of what’s written in it, until you need it for something else.  It’s such a big book full of some of the most violent nasty stories you’ll read anywhere.  There’s also love and compassion, lots of sex!  […]

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Switzerland votes to ban new minarets

[SOURCE] If you happen to be building a mosque in Switzerland, you can’t put any minarets on them.  The Swiss had a vote and most of them said they didn’t want the things. I think its symbolic, they really don’t want the muslims, not just their minarets.  No amount of spin by the government can […]

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Parliament of World Religions

Like a swarm of gnats descending on a pile of shit the parliament of the worlds religions has landed in Melbourne. The streets are adorned with much love and people wearing silly hats and dresses.  The worlds largest interfaith event is on its way.  Never mind that they can’t agree on the simple things, like […]

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Black eyed virgins

On television in Egypt you can watch the local clerics telling you how to get yourself a black eyed virgin, that’s a virgin who’s irises are black, not a virgin who’s been given a black eye by their nutter husband. The video has a bunch of middle aged men telling their faithful followers that they […]

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‘Miracle’ Baby

[SOURCE] And I thought the christians had the market cornered in miracles.  This poor little 9 month old baby from Russia’s south has text from the koran ‘appear’ on his leg every couple of days. It says things like ‘Allah is great’. It’s a miracle to bring peace. Stupid fuckers.  Why the fuck would allah […]

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Perilous night visit for pilgrims to holy site

[SOURCE]. Joseph is dead.  He was the son of Jacob.  If he lived, it was a few thousands of years ago. His tomb is in the West Bank – that’s a bit of land that’s controlled by some arab nutters.  The jews want to go to the tomb to do stuff.  I guess they want […]

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Tolerate intolerance? I don’t think so

I’ve been thinking. Yes, I do think.  I try to limit it a bit, but I can’t help it. I’ve been accused of being intolerant, you know what, I am intolerant when it comes to religion.  People tell me that religion is ok and I need to accept that, and that if I want to […]


Malaysia delays caning beer woman

[SOURCE]. I don’t care what your law says, or who you are, flogging someone with a stick because they had a couple of drinks is just barbaric beyond belief. What joker sets up a law that inflicts bodily harm upon someone?  Islamic law is just crazy, and here again is that example of religion gone […]

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Afghan women’s rights

[SOURCE] What sort of dumb ass backward place actually changes laws that allow discrimination against women? Any country that treats their women like some sort of accessory to a man should be denied access to any assistance from the rest of the world.  The citizens of your country deserve your respect and protection.  How stupid […]

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Throw Them Off the Roof of a Mosque

[SOURCE] I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Babies being shaken and then dropped over the edge of a building.  The parents would catch them in a blanket and then the babies are ensured good health and prosperity.  It’s been going on for 700 years, so that makes it ok then.  Clearly everyone there […]

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