Malaysia delays caning beer woman


I don’t care what your law says, or who you are, flogging someone with a stick because they had a couple of drinks is just barbaric beyond belief.

What joker sets up a law that inflicts bodily harm upon someone?  Islamic law is just crazy, and here again is that example of religion gone mad, here’s why it needs to be removed from society.

However, because it’s ramadan, that’s a month where you have to fast and pray for no apparent reason,  the woman has been granted a month reprieve. Isn’t that jolly decent of them!

The 32 year old mother of two has requested that she be caned in public because she respects the law. More craziness!

The authorities say that the purpose of caning is to educate rather than punish.  Who believes this shit?  If you really wanted to educate her, why don’t you sit her down with some books and videos and show her what alcohol does?  That’s education.  Taking someone out into a public arena and having a bunch of dress wearing men stand around rubbing their front bits while some woman is beaten is nothing other than punishment for her and entertainment for the dirty men.


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