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Pastoral Letter from Victoria’s Catholic Bishops

The catholic bishops in Victoria have sent a letter to all the catholics in Victoria. The document has been written to remind their faithful that they must oppose marriage equality. Pastoral Letter on the True Meaning of Marriage from the Catholic Bishops of Victoria True meaning of marriage?  Where do you take your definition from? 30 March […]


Muehlenberg shows us the real evil

[SOURCE] Marriage equality is all the rage in Australia at the present. As our parliament sits to hear the views of its constituency, plenty of christians are getting themselves all worked up demanding that a minority may not dictate the agenda. That is, the so-called militant homosexual lobby may not tell everyone else how to […]

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Just who is being vindictive?

Just who is being nasty when it comes to the use of language and equal rights?

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Consent from the ACL

[SOURCE] ACL maintains that the interests of the birth mother, and especially children, who can never give their consent to the practice, should come before those of the intended parent(s) when it comes to surrogacy. That’s right, children don’t give their consent to surrogacy.  Therefore we should stop it. Children don’t give consent to being […]

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Blasphemy is crazy shit

[SOURCE] I wrote about the crazy situation in Pakistan here where a woman is to be stoned to death because of some stupid blasphemy charge. Then a Pakistani governor was gunned down by his own body guard because he spoke out against the blasphemy laws. The country has been in uproar!  You’d think that the […]

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Careful where you sit!

[SOURCE] In Israel, for reason of modesty, women are expected to sit in the back of the buses. They have to enter by the rear door and they have to sit in the back least the poor men in the front should catch of glimpse of them, crack half a mongrel and have to deal […]

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To Die as we wish

Religion again tries to force it’s belief systems on those of us that don’t believe. Again they try to pretend they have the moral authority to dictate how the rest of us live and die.

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Mark Rabich is a bit rabid

This llama is currently engaged in a conversation of sorts with Mark Rabich1, it’s a Facebook discussion that goes backwards and forwards and really gets nowhere.  We have two very different views of the world, he’s is based on accepting that the bible is the word of god, his god, and that everything should sprout […]


Artificial Life and god

A RCC Bishop wants to talk about the ethics of creating artificial life, despite the churches long standing unethical behaviour in so many other things.

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Get ya gear off

It’s time to get ya gear off and ditch the burqa

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