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What dear? Gay dear? No dear.

Adam Hood says he’s a straight man.  Seriously.  He’s married and all.  He can blow into a woman’s bits while screaming the name of jesus!  Really loud (I think it’s a bit like going oh god I’m gonna cum!). In his video he talks about how he found jesus and how jesus saved him from […]

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Midsumma is here!

Midsumma has arrived – get out and enjoy!

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Pope slips a rubber on

The pope wants to start waving his willy and takes to using condoms


The Nationals are Gay!

Can’t wait for all those gay Nationals to start coming out! Barnaby Joyce wants to out his colleagues.

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Mark Rabich is a bit rabid

This llama is currently engaged in a conversation of sorts with Mark Rabich1, it’s a Facebook discussion that goes backwards and forwards and really gets nowhere.  We have two very different views of the world, he’s is based on accepting that the bible is the word of god, his god, and that everything should sprout […]


A Double Life

Channel 7 takes it upon themselves to act as our moral guardians

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The Freshly Doug Rabbit

[SOURCE] Doug Pollard interviewed Tony Abbott on his radio show earlier this week (Joy 94.9).  It was a really good interview, the rabbit seems quite honest in his answers.  Of course the rabbit recently said that he felt threatened by gay people, and that we challenge the natural order of things.1 So, I guess he […]

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Tony is the Rabbit

[SOURCE] Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition.  He’s also stuck in the 50’s.  Not too long back he said that women should treat their virginity as a ‘gift’.1.  Back in 2004 he said on Lateline that he had not visited Cardinal Pell when he had.2.  Tony the Rabbit has also said that paid […]

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Jesus is so beautiful

I have finally worked out why Mary Fucking MacKillop has only performed two miracles.  It’s because she’s busy in heaven with jesus.  He is so beautiful. You only have to walk around any cemetery to see just how cute he really is.  Nicely trimmed beard, dreamy eyes and a nice taut fit body.  Of course, the […]

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From the mail box

In a response to my last blog I got this email. Friends One way to elevate this entire discussion to a higher level (in theory at least) is to remember that Jewish law does not end with Torah. Even if you believe – as some do – that the entire Law was handed down to […]

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