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Gillard and Obama – Slaves to Satan

You’ve really gotta love what the christian get up to when they think they’re playing all by themselves.  So Obama wanted to veto some bill about banning abortions.  The right-wing christian god botherer and man I might add, Mark Rabich says that his mind boggles.  It boggles that a ‘leader’ (that’s the President of the […]

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The ACL – ultimate Death Cult

[SOURCE] I do love the Australian Cuntian Lobby.  They have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. The call for free abortions expressed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 6 August (Call for free abortions as needy women priced out of procedure) based on the cost of abortions to needy woman demonstrates how […]

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Stupid abortion sculpture

[SOURCE] A great and compelling picture is making the rounds at the moment. This photo doesn’t any more introduction than the information that is posted down the bottom. Make sure you view in full screen. I love me old mate Spinksy. Here’s the image: Ho hum. So, the ‘meaning’ is the woman feels remorse and […]

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Preston is no anti-abortion hero

[SOURCE] So, a Brisbane man, Graham Preston, has been jailed for not paying his fines worth $8,000.  He was fined for trespassing and resisting arrest.  He places himself between women trying to enter a clinic and intimidates and stops them from entering. The women are heading into the clinic for an abortion.  This christian puts himself […]


Keep Australia Australian!

That’s the catch cry of the Rise Up Australia Party.  It’s president is an immigrant from Sri Lanka.  He’s hardly what you’d call your typical bronzed Aussie.  But of course, Pasta Dan isn’t talking about skin  colour when he says keep Australia Australian, he’s talking about keeping the non-christians out.  If you accept the lard […]

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Twisted Christian

As evidenced in previous blogs, I enjoy Twitter. @apiyor is one crazy Twitter user, somewhere in Africa.  I’ve followed him for years as he’s got a very strange outlook and tweets some bat shit crazy things.  In fact, over there on the right, all his latest tweets appear in a box.  He’s so much fun! […]

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Abortion Booklet

[SOURCE] Margaret Forrester works for the NHS in England as a mental health worker in a health centre.  She was suspended last year because she was distributing a booklet on abortion in an abortion clinic.  She’d given the booklet to a fellow staff member because she felt that the NHS wasn’t giving enough information.  She’s also a […]

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Artificial Life and god

A RCC Bishop wants to talk about the ethics of creating artificial life, despite the churches long standing unethical behaviour in so many other things.

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Helping you believe

Heritage house. Over at Heritage House they have a wide variety of crap to help you show your belief in the lud jesus.  They have no illusions about what they are on about: Your satisfaction is our responsibility and our guarantee. We understand and appreciate that we make a living by what we do, but […]

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George Pell on Intolerance

George Pell on Intolerance. http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=8812 http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=8656 Dress wearing, silly hat bearing George Pell has been making speeches.  He’s been telling the world that we are becoming increasingly intolerant of the catholic faith. Tolerance is a strange thing.  While George babes appears to make some good points, fundamentally he is saying that we need to accept […]