Divine Intervention from Mary Mackillop


Marlene Lester, from Ballina, is convinced that something that happened to her and her grandson, Jackson, recently was much more than coincidence, but a divine intervention.

Oooo, this will be good, a divine intervention!

At the very least, it’s an act of generosity from strangers.

Marlene earlier this year almost lost her house to a fire – but the fire was stopped by a neighbour.

The fire was stopped by a stranger… not by the divine?  Did the divine get the neighbour to stop the fire?

The story appeared in The Northern Star, and then on the Bundaberg News website through the APN News and Media network.

A Queensland couple read the story, and knew of Marlene through a Catholic internet forum about Saint Mary MacKillop they are both involved with.

The Queensland couple read it on the internet and made a connection because they have remember her from a forum.  Nothing divine about that.

The couple sent a letter and a book about Saint Mary to Marlene to give to nine-year-old Jackson.

They also promised to give Jackson a statue of Australia’s first saint – but it had to be ordered and they couldn’t say when it would arrive.

So the couple felt some empathy because the house fire almost caused some damage, wanted to show they cared, thought, ‘Oh, I bet she’d like a statue and a book about Mary Fucking MacKillop’ and posted one over.  Makes sense, the only way they know her is through an internet forum about MFM.  If they knew she liked murder mysteries perhaps they would have sent her a book and a statue of Agatha Christie.

On September 12 Jackson told Marlene about a dream he had the night before in which he saw Mary MacKillop in their house.

So the mother is a mad MFM fan, shares that with her son and he has a dream about her.  He probably has lots of dreams about MFM, some of them wet.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and a parcel arrived.

It was the promised statue of Mary.

“We both got a shock,” Marlene said.

Why?  It was going to happen at some stage, the knock on the door and the delivery.  It is just a coincidence.  It’s not strange, it might be a bit humourous, but there’s nothing really odd about it.

She has reported the “divine intervention” to the Catholic Church.

People should report these coincidences to churches, and churches should launch full investigations,  It would keep them busy and they wouldn’t have time to bother the rest of society.
I recently bought some shirts online, they took a couple of extra days to arrive, and then I left them at work for a few more days.  Finally I brought them home and they sat unwrapped for a week.  The day arrived and I took one of them out, ironed it and put it on, only to find out that it was the wrong size.  But by divine intervention I’d just lost 2 kilos and it wasn’t so bad!
I’m going to report that to the church.
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