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Learning to Turn The Other Cheek with Great Sage Billy M

[SOURCE] As with any worthwhile worldview, there should be a measure of coherence and internal consistency. For example, there should not be glaring contradictions or a woeful disconnect between what you claim to believe and what you actually do. A comment from Muehlenberg that sounds quite promising. “No glaring contradictions.” he says.  This one should […]


Gillard and Obama – Slaves to Satan

You’ve really gotta love what the christian get up to when they think they’re playing all by themselves.  So Obama wanted to veto some bill about banning abortions.  The right-wing christian god botherer and man I might add, Mark Rabich says that his mind boggles.  It boggles that a ‘leader’ (that’s the President of the […]

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Pope is indifferent, hasn’t found jesus yet

If we have found in Jesus meaning for our own lives, we cannot be indifferent to those who are suffering and sad. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) June 22, 2013 This is some sort of joke yes?  The man who catholics have dubbed pope, Poppy Franky, is telling us that he isn’t indifferent to those who […]


Exodus closes down makes christians void

One of the big players in the ‘Pray the gay away’ society of homophobic bigots is closing its doors. Exodus International, the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with faith and homosexuality announced tonight that it’s closing its doors after three-plus decades of ministry. The Board of Directors reached a decision after a year of […]


Uncle Billy Shows us Why Religion is Evil

[SOURCE] In an age of oppressive political correctness and a militant social engineering crusade, it seems homosexuals can do no wrong. They have become the new untouchables who are forever above fault, and must be treated as sacrosanct. And if any charge is levelled against them, it of course must be untrue, and simply the […]


Islamic Peace Conference Fails Because of Jesus, Bernie and Billy

[SOURCE] Sometime recently some religious nutters from the islamic faith held what they called an Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne.  They invited international speakers and everything!  Some chrisitans were outraged!  How dare the muslims gather to talk about peace?  Everyone knows that they’re all terrorist and will bite the heads off babies just because they […]


Obama brings the end of the World!

[SOURCE] On the “History Channel” – some cable network in the USA, they’re currently screening a series called “The Bible”.  So, not real history, just some made up shit. Twitter lit up during a recent screening when the villain of the book, the devil called Satan made an appearance.  Guess what?  The devil is black and he […]


How to use tragedy to push your religion – Ray Comfort gets it wrong!

[SOURCE] Recently a man in New Zealand died after he was horrifically attacked and eaten by a shark. The atheist, however, can’t blame God for creating the shark, because (in his mind) God doesn’t exist. He has to say that this tragedy was the cold result of the evolutionary process. It was a matter of […]

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Spinksy Snorts at the Universe

[SOURCE] Somebody must’ve told me old mate Spinksy what a dip-shit he is to think the world was created because god farted. Upon posting an article about a literal interpretation of Genesis I received several comments from friends and acquaintances that can be summed up like so: “The creation story is not the important part […]

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Ding Dong off He Goes!

Every world shattering event needs a theme song: So, Pope Benndydick has called it quits.  In the clearest sign yet that there is no god, the pope has gone and left his job without divine intervention! For thousands of years the Pope has to wait until god ‘calls them home’, it apparently is god’s way […]

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