Ready for the Rapture, just one quake away.


A rare earthquake hits the east coast of the USA and suddenly the second coming is on its way.  Praise jesus!

I love reading the stuff on the Rapture Ready Bulletin Board always have something good to say

Have a look at the forum, but here are the good bits from various authors.

 I know we Christians don’t need a sign but last night, for the first time, I prayed to the Lord to give those that are lost a sign that will turn them to His word.  I can’t help but believe He answered my prayer!

So, you prayed to jesus and asked for a sign and next day there’s an earthquake.  Wow.  You should ask for world peace next!

Interesting observations:

We are almost exactly one lunar month away from the UN vote to divide Israel (9/20), a potential spiritual earthquake of Biblical proportions.

Almost exactly! You can’t get more exact than that.

I felt the earthquake this was my first time and I was scared. At first it was just a tremble then next things started to fall off the shelf. We made way for the stairs and got out of the building. I do think God is trying to get the world’s attention. I don’t think it was a coincidence that it just happen to hit where the president was once again vacationing.

So god doesn’t want the president to go on holiday?  And if he really wants the world’s attention he might try something better than a bit of ground shaking.

 My first thought; how appropriate.

Second thought, Thanks, Lord, I needed some encouragement.

I really don’t think we’ll be here for long now.

Wait…you need encouragement, and an earth… oh that’s just too hard.

When I heard it was felt in DC, first thing I thought of was how Obama keeps turning his back on Israel.

I always think this. As a matter of fact, I’ve been ‘waiting’ for the repercussions of Obama’s policy toward Israel for a while now.

The first I thought was, shit, was anyone hurt, it never occurred to me to link Obama, Israel and an earthquake.  How silly am I?

My God, what have you done… His power and might and display of glory is AWESOME. Tremble in front of our God of power!

And if you do the dance in just the right way, you get rain.

Here, I was JUST thinking this morning, that Washington D.C. would have to get it, and was even pondering that New York would probably suffer as well for their actions…and I have just seen them both.

Oh yes, that showed them.  The world has now changed because of the earthquake, your god made that really really clear.

God just fired a warning shot, and just outside DC, how obivous can it be. Mr Obama, heed the warning, you are travelling further down the path of destruction, you are nearing the point of no return. Repent.

Wouldn’t it be easier if god just gave him a call on his mobile, he must have the number.  I would think that was even more obvious.

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