Jesus Loves Me!


Helen Roseveare1 has said how great jesus is and what a privilege it has been to serve him all her life.  The poor old biddy.

While she was in Africa she was captured by some rebel soldiers, because only rebels do the capturing.  This white English woman, travelled to Africa to spread the love of god, was caught:

I just knew that He was there, He was in charge. He whispered to me ‘Can you thank Me for trusting you with the situation?’ That was amazing. I had always thought of me trusting Him but this was Him trusting me.

In this extreme situation jesus whispered to her?  But not as you would expect, but to puff up her ego.  What she thinks is the creator of the universe wants thanks because he trusts her.  At this stage most normal people would probably work out that this is a fantasy.

In saying that, He was really saying: ‘Yes, I could have prevented this. I could have stopped it happening, but I, the Almighty God, have a purpose bigger than you can see. I know where this is going to lead to, you don’t.

In an interview here, the same story, with a few extra bits

 One particularly savage night, beaten up and kicked by a group of rebels, driven down the corridor of my home, the Lord seemed to whisper to me: ‘They are not beating you, but me-in-you. These are not your sufferings, but mine.

Answer:  Fuck off god, get your own damn body you arsehole.  I’m the one suffering here while you are whispering in my ear.

All I ask of you is the loan of your body’.

No, you can’t have it, this fucking hurts.  Get your own.

Furthermore, my heart understood that he was asking me: ‘Can you thank me for trusting you with this experience, even if I never tell you why?’ — and when I sought to whisper back: ‘Yes — I don’t understand what you are doing or who will ever be blessed by this, but if it helps to fulfil your purpose, Yes, I thank you, dear God, for trusting me in this way!’,

Nobody will ever be blessed by the senseless beating of another person.  You trust a mad god that puts you up for a beating and then thank him.  Reminds me of the poor wife who loves the husband after many years of abuse and beatings.

the consciousness of his loving arms around me and his peace in my heart, even in the midst of wickedness and suffering — the sense of being privileged to share in the fellowship of his sufferings — was truly almost unbelievable.

What fucking good are the loving arms of god around you to give you peace while a bunch of men kick you to within an inch of your life.  Your so-called god, that loves you so much, let the wickedness and suffering happen to you and did nothing to prevent it.  So much for love.

There are people dying all the time from atrocities committed in the name of war, or freedom.  Here’s another example of an innocent person being swept up in a conflict that they have no right being involved in.  Rather than face the truth, she pretends that her god says that he could have prevented this.  Yes, but it didn’t prevent it.  In fact, it went on to allow millions of people to die in various conflicts in the Congo for its bigger purpose.

Another word for christian is arrogance, beautifully summed up in the notion that only christians have to suffer.  In fact they are called to suffer.

Roseveare recalled how she had only been a Christian for half an hour when someone told her that being a Christian would probably involve suffering.

News flash, the reason there were rebels in the Congo?  They were suffering, and they weren’t even christians, go figure.  Being human involves suffering. Most of us acknowledge it without the help of make-believe fairies, then do our best to fix the situation. The rest of you become christian and offer your suffering up for jesus!


  1. Helen Roseveare A born again missionary chrisitian with a zeal for screwing up the locals
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  1. A celebration of suffering? Who would have thought.