The world changed

Last year the rebel Italian state of Vatican City made the unsubsatiated claim the a dead Australian nun was in fact a saint and that she, the dead one, had done a couple of miracles.

Let’s check how this great ‘honour’ for Australia has changed Australia.



Yep, as I thought.. no wait… what about this:

Sister Julianne Murphy will be channelling the spirit of Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop when she embarks on a national road trip this week. [SOURCE]

Way to go Sister!  This nun will be driving around Australia raising money.  Apparently the dead MFM can’t raise her own funds!

Or how about this for your after dead saintly service:

St Mary MacKillop has been proclaimed the Patron of the Diocese of Port Pirie by Bishop Greg O’Kelly,  according to a media release by the Diocese. [SOURCE]

What an honour!  Now she’s a saint and a patron.  She’ll be sure to take a great deal of interest in the diocese of Port Pirie.

So it would seem that MFM has done SFA.  No surprises there.


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