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Bill does Balcony Sex

[SOURCE] I just love a good laugh at the end of a busy hectic week in the real world, you know, where people have normal everyday struggles.  It’s always good to swill a few beers and read something from Uncle Billy. The abortion scourge is of course simply part of the much larger sexual revolution. […]

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Are you a Virgin?

[SOURCE] Something that christians like Great Uncle Billy the Not So Virgin Like to ask is “Are you a virgin?” Sex is very important to him and when you have it with someone else is also really important because as far as Great Uncle Billy, NSVL, is concerned you can only have sex when you’re […]

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Grossman asks the questions

Miriam Grossman is an MD her little catch phrase is “100% MD, 0% PC.”  Nice. She’s a nutter. I’ve written about her before.  But pretty well she thinks it’s her job to take vulnerable, questioning young people and turn them into heterosexuals.  She thinks it’s her job to deny that teenagers should have sex and […]

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How to use tragedy to push your religion – Ray Comfort gets it wrong!

[SOURCE] Recently a man in New Zealand died after he was horrifically attacked and eaten by a shark. The atheist, however, can’t blame God for creating the shark, because (in his mind) God doesn’t exist. He has to say that this tragedy was the cold result of the evolutionary process. It was a matter of […]

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Another Crazy Catholic is Smug

[SOURCE] Sacerdotus left a message on my blog on Christmas day, I only just read it today, and then went off to visit the website of said Sacerdotus. The blogger is catholic and seems to have the jesus virus bad, and loves the pope.  Lots. One of the recent entries is about LGBT.  Let’s have […]

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Cameron Spink on Sex

[SOURCE] Spinksy, Spinksy, Spinksy, you really need to get out and live a little. When Emma and I announced our engagement there were friends and family who responded in shock because we weren’t living together and presumably hadn’t slept together (these presumptions were correct). Hence some people raised with Emma their concerns about how ignorant […]

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Lively wants to Kill the Gays and the Pope Approves

[SOURCE] Scott Lively is one of those backward christians who really thinks that a god has come to him and saved him.  He’s also one of the christians responsible for going to Uganda in 2009 and ‘inspiring’ the “Kill the Gays Bill”. Through international opposition the Uganda Parliament have not enacted the legislation.  They did supposedly change […]

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Sexy T-Shirt Bought by the ACL’s Wendy Francis

[SOURCE] Oh no!  In Brisbane they are selling t-shirts for babies!  The ACL are beside themselves!  They must stop it at once! Highly sexualised advertising and marketing has reached the stage where T-shirts such as this (pictured left) are sold in family shopping centres.  This range of T-shirts were being sold in the Logan Hyperdome, […]

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Miriam Grossman talks about giving head

Australia waits for Miriam Grossman to land on our shores to spread her god virus amongst us. She talks about oral sex and throat cancer while in New Zealand doing the rounds.  She’s making big claims that nobody tells anyone the risk of the  human papilloma virus, which may be spread through sexual contact.  The […]

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Grossman and Sex

On July 1st 2012 the Australian Family Association will host a public address by Miriam Grossman titled Sex Education – Protecting Our Children’s Health.  The talk has been advertised in the Australian Jewish News. Just so we know who we’re talking about here, the AFA is a right-wing group who think that marriage can only […]