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Wally Smiles Because he Can Sack the Poofs

[SOURCE] Jim ‘Wally’ Wallace over at the Australian Cunts Lobby is salivating because the Australia’s Atheist Prime Minister has given him a personal assurance that religions will be able to continue to discriminate on the basis of sexuality or other sexual activities. Well brush my woolly nuts with steel wool. So the churches can sack a woman […]


The ACL and Christians Endorse Discrimination

I wrote just the other day about Billy and how upset he is with the Government for trying to make Australia a better place by removing discrimination. Billy used these words: Of real concern are the addition of two new categories, sexual orientation and gender identity Oh no, it’s a real concern!  That sounds drastic, […]

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Smoking the Gay Dream – Wallace Knows the Facts

[SOURCE] Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Christian Lobby is yet again showing just how out of touch with reality he is. Wally, that fine example of everything that’s fucked about christianity has opened his mouth again.  He made this grand statement during a debate: I think we’re going to owe smokers a big apology […]

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Francis, Wally, the Catholics and the UN

[SOURCE] The State of Queensland has slipped back into the dark ages with their government doing all it can to retract any laws that favour anyone who isn’t straight. And the Australian Cuntian Lobby love it. In her latest newsletter, Wendy Francis is so excited about their achievements!  I can feel her bosom wobbling from here, no wait, […]

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Noisy ACL Gloat

[SOURCE] Last night’s announcement on overturning surrogacy for same-sex couples and singles in Queensland is because of a grassroots movement of people fed up with a minority agenda driving social policy in Australia. Oh Wally, going straight for the gloat.  Nothing grassroots about it, there has been no mass protest, this came completely out of the blue.  The LNP […]

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Wally Does it Again!

[SOURCE] Earlier in the week our mate Wally was on Sunrise, comparing Kerryn Phelps and the marriage equality campaign to the Nazis.  Read up about this with my bear friend Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear, gay rights activist Michael Barnett on the support website, Aleph and of course the wonderfully delightful Gregory Storer. Then time warp yourself […]

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ACL’s Jim Wallace calls gay people Nazis

[SOURCE] This morning on Sunrise on Channel 7 there was a debate between Kerryn Phelps and Wally (Jim Wallace of the ACL). Wally said this: I would like to just say that I think this whole campaign would do great credit to Joseph Goebbels, because what we’ve had, we’ve had the demonisation I choked on […]

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Preston is no anti-abortion hero

[SOURCE] So, a Brisbane man, Graham Preston, has been jailed for not paying his fines worth $8,000.  He was fined for trespassing and resisting arrest.  He places himself between women trying to enter a clinic and intimidates and stops them from entering. The women are heading into the clinic for an abortion.  This christian puts himself […]


Wallace and the ACL have problems with Free Speech

[SOURCE] I can feel Wally’s brain bursting from here.  Exploding in all directions. an outrageous travesty of free speech to pass almost unchallenged by its own Press Council Outrageous! It’s a travesty!  They didn’t do it my way!  It’s almost unchallenged! Never mind that the Genome Project mapped the genetic makeup of the whole human […]

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Human Rights in Iran and Christian Hypocrisy

[SOURCE] I’ve been doing some very ugly research.  It’s been revealing and disturbing.  The interwebs is full of dark places. There’s an Iranian man waiting for execution because he was foolish enough to change from being a muslim to being a christian.  In Iran they will hang you for that. However, the Iranians aren’t hanging people. […]

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