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Uncle Billy Shows us Why Religion is Evil

[SOURCE] In an age of oppressive political correctness and a militant social engineering crusade, it seems homosexuals can do no wrong. They have become the new untouchables who are forever above fault, and must be treated as sacrosanct. And if any charge is levelled against them, it of course must be untrue, and simply the […]


Nenad Nele Arcaba Hates the Gays on Facebook

[SOURCE] What do you say to a guy on Facebook who says this… Australia, Sydney City, NSW…. Should Oxfords’s St’s new rainbow corssing be permanent, read more about it or watch a faboulous timelapse video of the crossing being painted last night from the City of Sydney….. BY GAY MARRIAGE RIGHTS IN AUST. Dear wogs, […]

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Wally Smiles Because he Can Sack the Poofs

[SOURCE] Jim ‘Wally’ Wallace over at the Australian Cunts Lobby is salivating because the Australia’s Atheist Prime Minister has given him a personal assurance that religions will be able to continue to discriminate on the basis of sexuality or other sexual activities. Well brush my woolly nuts with steel wool. So the churches can sack a woman […]


Another Crazy Catholic is Smug

[SOURCE] Sacerdotus left a message on my blog on Christmas day, I only just read it today, and then went off to visit the website of said Sacerdotus. The blogger is catholic and seems to have the jesus virus bad, and loves the pope.  Lots. One of the recent entries is about LGBT.  Let’s have […]

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Spink Thinks Satan Plays Football

[SOURCE] Cameron Spink, born again christian, sole author of the Resistance Thinking website and a married man who protests way to much about gay people has been at it again, blogging about stuff that he really should keep quiet about least people seriously question his own sexuality. The AFL has always attempted to be the […]


Leeds likes Cocks that Crow

[SOURCE] Leeds is a homophobic twat who actually thinks there is such a thing as gods.  Here’s a really good example from some of her recent blogs that shows how easy it is to look stupid when carrying on about the god bullshit stuff. Her blog starts with this blessing: Blessed are you G-D King […]

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Pope Confused about his Gender

[SOURCE] It’s that time of the year when all the christians get excited about celebrating the birth of their god, that’s the god who has always existed.  Christmas is about his birth apparently. Pope Bendydick, head of the catholics, addresses his cardinals with a christmas message, and has a bit to say about family. The great […]


The Pope Blames the Gays for Everything!

[SOURCE] That great mind of the 12th century, Pope Bendydick, has taken the chance on World Day of Peace to further vilify and harass gay people. There is also a need to acknowledge and promote the natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman in the face of attempts to […]

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Lively wants to Kill the Gays and the Pope Approves

[SOURCE] Scott Lively is one of those backward christians who really thinks that a god has come to him and saved him.  He’s also one of the christians responsible for going to Uganda in 2009 and ‘inspiring’ the “Kill the Gays Bill”. Through international opposition the Uganda Parliament have not enacted the legislation.  They did supposedly change […]

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The ACL and Christians Endorse Discrimination

I wrote just the other day about Billy and how upset he is with the Government for trying to make Australia a better place by removing discrimination. Billy used these words: Of real concern are the addition of two new categories, sexual orientation and gender identity Oh no, it’s a real concern!  That sounds drastic, […]

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