The Moonbattery of the Lamestream Snarfle Wife


snarfleAnother day and another Uncle Billy blog.  When I read his latest I snorted yoghurt out of my snarfle.  Love Lllama had to get the paper lace doilies to clean up.

Consider this caption beneath a pic in the article: “Former Masterchef contestant Sam Gant and wife Celeste prepare for their new venture at South Melbourne Market.” Now for those not in the know, Sam happens to be a woman, a female. So run that by me again! Her wife? And said with a straight face? Puh-leese!

The article refers to her throughout as “Ms Gant”. So what then, pray tell, is her other? And what is Sam? The husband? Another wife? An it? When we totally massacre the institution of marriage, we end up in these idiotic situations. If we can call her partner a wife, we might as well also call her a rock, or a kumquat, or a farglesuvjf.

So, yes, we do refer to the same-sex partner as a wife or a husband, depending on their sex.  It’s not hard to understand.  How idiotic is that!  Oh, and I looked up farglesuvjf – I can’t find it in an English dictionary, it might be Swedish…

We are just making things up as we go along We are just inventing words, and taking older established words, gutting them of their meaning, and adding instead anything we want. This is sheer madness. And even more frustrating is the fact that any media outlet would even succumb to this moonbattery.

Oh such frustrations he has to simply invent words, although I don’t see how calling your female partner a wife is an invented idea.  Nor has the word been gutted of its meaning.  You know, wife – female spouse.  Doesn’t seem too mad to me.  Moonbattery on the other hand seems like an invented word.

Just how lobotomised are those in the media today that they simply parrot any PC nonsense as if it were gospel truth.

Lobotomised refers to the act of performing a lobotomy.  Isn’t that taking an older established word and gutting it of its meaning?

The mental and moral vacuum found in the lamestream media today is absolutely staggering.

Lamestream?  Made up word?

The most important principle we can get out of this is to understand this truth: social engineering is always preceded by verbal engineering.

That’s more or less where I snorted out my snarfle.

By use of euphemisms, half-truths, deception, and by simply making language up as you go along, their job of smashing society becomes so much easier. And the militant homosexualists along with their PC buddies in the mainstream media have perfected all this. So now we can talk about a woman and her wife as if we are talking about 2+2 and what that equals.

Homosexualists?  A recently made up word by people who what to simply make up language as you go along.  And yes, a woman and her wife is as easy as 1 + 1.

Well, I’m off to polish my snarfle with a damp womble.  Have a good day.

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