New University is useless Christian College


I’m all for education!  But I did splutter when I read that the Melbourne College of Divinity(MCD) has been has been given permission to operate as a Specialist University.

Now MCD have been operating for 100 years, set up by a bunch of christian cultists from various sects to educate their people in their ways.  But they don’t do any serious education at all.  A look at their courses makes this quite clear.

Associate Diploma in Ministry
Diploma in Ministry
Diploma in Theology
Advanced Diploma in Ministry
Advanced Diploma in Theology

There’s plenty more listed on their website.  All really good useless diplomas.  Not contributing anything useful to the world at all.  You can get government assistance if you undertake studies at MCD, even a research grant, and it’s good to know that our important research funding is being spent on things like:

Tracing the Pulse: An investigation into vitality in Australian Catholic parishes and the capacity of a social capital theory framework to identify it.

The Scandal of the Scandal of Particularity

Homecoming in Haizi: the resonance of the Gospel and the Chinese soul-search.

The Skilled Caregivers: Tending God’s People in the Myanmar Context.

It all adds so much to bettering the world by finding justification for the dogma of religion.

Australia, and Victoria, makes a mockery of education by granting MCD this special status.  It undermines the serious educational value of real universities.

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