MFM to the rescue!

So, in a car, heading to a party, crash, you’re not quite dead! Ya!

We were lost at the time, and speeding to get to the ball. As we drove along, there was a ‘Merging Lanes’ sign which was just before a crest on a hill. We got to the top of the hill and all of a sudden our road literally just ended and turned into gravel. The driver panicked and he slammed on the brakes, which caused the car to swerve. We lost control and hit a tree, which was the only tree on the whole stretch of road. Stupidly, I wasn’t wearing a seat belt so I flew out of the car and landed on the ground.

Lesson 1.  Put your seat belt on stupid.

Lesson 2.  Tell the driver to slow down.

Lesson 3.  Slow down when getting to a crest of a hill

Hospital – mend broken bits, cut off skull to release pressure from brain swelling, insert acrylic plate.  Wow, clever stuff what those them doctors can do now-a-days.

Mummy dear was of course very worried:

When I saw Fr Kean, I just said off the top of my head, ‘I want everyone to please pray to Mother Mary MacKillop.’

Of course, talking to dead people always helps.  I’d be asking for coffee.

When I think back I’m not sure why I said her, as Therese of Lisieux1 has always been my favourite saint.

Wait… you can have a favourite saint.. I bet Therese of Lisieux is feeling rejected now.

And I hadn’t even thought of Mary MacKillop’s canonisation later that year. But during that time, Mary MacKillop came to me so clearly.

She came to you?  Clearly?  OK… you must be under a lot of pressure.

Whenever any of the parishioners came in, it’d just come out of my mouth, ‘Let’s pray to Mother Mary MacKillop – Micaela is going to make it through this’.

Just as well the doctors and nurses didn’t throw you out you idiot.

Everyone we knew was praying to Mary MacKillop. We had people from as far away England and America emailing us and praying for us. I’ve kept hundreds of emails sent to us.

Everyone knew talking to dead people is stupid.

In my mind and heart, Micaela’s survival and recovery is a miracle. I thank everyone who prayed for Micaela, and I thank St Mary of the Cross.

**splutter**  Your daughters survival was because of the expert medical attention she received.  Mary Fucking MacKillop did nothing at all, on account of her being dead and all, and even if she was alive, the best she could do was probably bring towels and boil water.

I hope you also thanked all those professional who are alive and highly trained.

Why can’t these miracle making saints do something practical, like made sure that they left on time, made sure they didn’t miss the turn off, made sure they put their belt on, moved the tree, made the car run out of petrol or any other way to prevent something really bad from happening… that’s right, god works in mysterious ways.

  1.  Some French bint who died early and became a saint SOURCE
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  1. Coran says:

    Funny how such stories of miraculous survival are so often accomapnied by descriptions of modren medical care.