How sensible!

Over at the Sensible Jew blog1 there’s a bit of a conversation going on about the JCCV (That’s the Jewish Community Council of Victoria)  and a ‘secret’ meeting with jews who are gay2. It’s all very covert and mysterious, and at the same time laughable. I don’t want to dwell on the blog itself, just one of the comments from a ‘religious jew’ Alan Hughes:

I myself am a religious Jew and as such pure evil down to the black venomous ooze running through my veins, and the sympathy I may have had for your cause has evaporated. The chief reason behind this is you.

See what being religious does to you, what a way to think about yourself. Black venomous ooze indeed.  I think he means that, but his comment is not clear.  Either way, what a crock! That anybody or any religion can evoke such feelings in any person is absurd, and yes, I know he’s talking metaphorically, but fair dinkum what an arsehole of a god he has. How will he ever rid himself of the black ooze?  Perhaps 40 years in the desert might help….

  1. How you can claim to be jewish and sensible is a mystery to me
  2. For a full overview of the story read Aleph’s website
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