Rubber socks and WYD08

Look, I can’t help myself. I feel such a sense of outrage at the upcoming World Youth Day – WYD or even WYD08 (that’s just for the search engines).

To start, there was the hype of their being 225,000 people arriving, now they’re 60,000 short – but that’s good and of course its always hard to count just how many people will arrive.[SOURCE]

The NSW Government has brought in some new laws just for the event.  In short, you could get fined if you do anything to annoy the catholics.  Fined – for not liking someone. [SOURCE] In a nut shell, if you tried to even do a standing protest wearing a T-Shirt you could get fined $5,500.  How strange.  Why do the micks need such protection.

Oh, I don’t know about rubber socks.

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