The Media

I’m having a go at the media.  It has the power to do great things in our world, but time and time again we get fed cheap crap.  I’m talking about Patty Newton, not that she’s cheap crap, apparently she had $130,000 worth of stuff in her handbag and it got stolen (source) while she was having a coffee at a Chadstone shopping centre.  That’s horrible, of course, she lost some items of great sentimental value.  I’m glad to see that they’ve been returned.

My problem here is the media.  For fuck sake, lots of people are robbed, beaten, killed and maimed every day.  I’m sure there are a lot more people deserving of some help from the media than Patty Newton.  The focus on her and her trauma is completely unwarranted and should have been buried on page 10 in the local newspaper, not the lead bloody story on the TV news.  Its a classical example of celebrity worship.

There, I said it.

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