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I just knew that would get your attention.

So – you’re a bloke and you get asked to father a child and you’re told that you’ll never have any involvement with that child.

You agree, and make a lesbian couple very happy.  But drats and darn it – they split up.  Now to my way of thinking, the muffin munchers wanted children, just because you break up doesn’t mean that its ok to now return to your spoof maker and ask him to fork over the dough.  Regardless of what the law expects to happen, children are your responsibility, it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight or love the smell of sparrow farts, they’re yours regardless.  If you do happen to con some poor hapless sperm factory, and you’ve made it clear that all you want is their DNA – don’t be trying to go back on your agreement down the track.

Courts need to recognise  parental responsibility and get out of the rut of every child has a mother and a father and look at the reality of the world. What’s that?  Its the law makers that make them play by the rules?  Lets change that rule then?  What’s that? Its community attitudes the demand it.  Well, sort yourselves out and change that crappy Victorian era attitude.  Children  and stupid men should not suffer because of this rubbish.  The wrong guy is being made to suffer here.

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