Hour of no power increases emissions | The Australian

Hour of no power increases emissions | The Australian.

It’s Earth Hour, right now, here.

I don’t give a swinging alpacas nuts in May.

I’ve got the lights on, the computers going and I”m cooking a very nice spag bolg with the gas.

If there’s going to be change in this world, if we are really serious about reducing the amount of power that we consume, the amount of pollution that we pump into the atmosphere, then its time we reduced our consumption.

China is a big polluter.  They pump out tonnes of carbon into their atmosphere.  Its not helping.  Somebody should tell them to reduce it, cut it out.  But.  Here’s the thing.  China is producing the stuff we consume.  They don’t do it because they think we’ll like cheap little statues or nice peak caps or a sweet T-shirt.  They do it because we demand it.

So, before you turn the lights back on, blow out the candles, have  read of the article, think about your place in the world, think about the amount of crap you buy and for fuck sake, cut it out.  (Mind you, I’m a good consumer too – we all need to do this)

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