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The Moonbattery of the Lamestream Snarfle Wife

[SOURCE] Another day and another Uncle Billy blog.  When I read his latest I snorted yoghurt out of my snarfle.  Love Lllama had to get the paper lace doilies to clean up. Consider this caption beneath a pic in the article: “Former Masterchef contestant Sam Gant and wife Celeste prepare for their new venture at […]

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Canberra’s Nutters Gather to Protest

[SOURCE] The government in the Australian Capital Territory is about to pass legislation making it legal for same-sex couples to get married in the ACT.  It’s an interesting step for an Australian state to make, although the Federal Government may attempt to override the new laws through the courts. Enter the ACL, those wacky christians […]

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Gay Marriage is Harmless, Unless you’re a Homophobic Bigoted christian.

[SOURCE] The Australian “We hate the Gays” Christian Lobby has re-published a whole article on the question of whether same-sex marriage is harmless.  They got the article from News Weekly. You can’t access the article on News Weekly unless you sign up for an account and they want money for that.  News Weekly is run […]

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France is at War with the militants homosexualists!

[SOURCE] Oh goodness me!  France has allowed teh gays to get teh marriage.  You know what that means?  Let’s ask Grandpa Uncle Billy: If you want to know what the end of freedom looks like, simply look at France. With the ruling elites aligning themselves with the radical homosexualist agenda, they have declared war on […]

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Pell Thinks French are Better

[SOURCE] George Hell, his grub of the most high in the catholic church has been crowing like  a chook that needs its head cut off as it’s stopped laying.  He likes that some French folk are against marriage equality. France is different, known for its food and wines, beautiful countryside, and the French Revolution (1789) […]

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Spink Thinks Satan Plays Football

[SOURCE] Cameron Spink, born again christian, sole author of the Resistance Thinking website and a married man who protests way to much about gay people has been at it again, blogging about stuff that he really should keep quiet about least people seriously question his own sexuality. The AFL has always attempted to be the […]


Leeds likes Cocks that Crow

[SOURCE] Leeds is a homophobic twat who actually thinks there is such a thing as gods.  Here’s a really good example from some of her recent blogs that shows how easy it is to look stupid when carrying on about the god bullshit stuff. Her blog starts with this blessing: Blessed are you G-D King […]

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Cameron Spink on Sex

[SOURCE] Spinksy, Spinksy, Spinksy, you really need to get out and live a little. When Emma and I announced our engagement there were friends and family who responded in shock because we weren’t living together and presumably hadn’t slept together (these presumptions were correct). Hence some people raised with Emma their concerns about how ignorant […]

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The Pope Blames the Gays for Everything!

[SOURCE] That great mind of the 12th century, Pope Bendydick, has taken the chance on World Day of Peace to further vilify and harass gay people. There is also a need to acknowledge and promote the natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman in the face of attempts to […]

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Cameron Spinks says 238 Million People are Insignificant.

[SOURCE] How easy it is to see a christian getting their knickers in a twist over some really simple stuff.  In this case me old mate Spinksy can’t help but call the bluff of the homosexual lobby and then dance around with his own self-importance.  He must very very special indeed. A recent Gallup poll […]

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