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Parliament of World Religions

Like a swarm of gnats descending on a pile of shit the parliament of the worlds religions has landed in Melbourne. The streets are adorned with much love and people wearing silly hats and dresses.  The worlds largest interfaith event is on its way.  Never mind that they can’t agree on the simple things, like […]

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How’s the environment?

[SOURCE] The richer you are, the more food you throw out. 1 There are people who have to scrape and save for everything they eat, there are people who just can’t get enough to eat.  We throw it out, the left overs.  There’s lost of reasons for it, but the primary reason seems to be […]

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Holiday in Space: hotel on track to open in 2012

[SOURCE]. For a mere $5,000,000.00 – that’s five million dollars, you can spend three days in a space resort, 450 km about the Earth. Wow. I’d love to spend 3 days in space, watching the sun rise 15 times a day and spinning around the world 80 times. It sounds really nice.  They even throw […]


Story of stuff

[SOURCE] The story of stuff is quite important. The amount of shit we have is contributing to the financial, environmental and food problems that we are experiencing in the world. I’ve said it plenty of times, to help us survive we need to be nice to each other, we need to make sure everyone has […]

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Monkey on a cross

[SOURCE] Paul Fryer took a cross and stuck a  monkey on it, well a gorilla.  He then says he didn’t do it to offend people.  He takes the most important symbol used in chrisitianity and sticks a monkey on the stick, and then exhibits it in a church. (OK, a former church, but it still […]

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The world changes on #BAD09

Today is Blog Action Day – it’s where thousands of blogs around the world write about the one topic, and this year it’s about climate change. With our climate on the brink of collapse, our whole way of life is under threat.  A couple of degrees rise in the global temperature mightn’t sound like too […]


Tsunami everywhere

Talk about put yourself on edge.   Clearly the tsunami of 2004 had a lasting impact on the world. A quake hit off New Zealand earlier tonight putting New Zealand and Australia on warning. Twitter is good, I was able to follow saga as the massive wave of 0.17 metres hit New Zealand’s shores, and now […]

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Todd’s Blog: No Idea

Todd’s Blog: Designed to Kill. Todd wrote a blog that talks about how animals are ‘designed’ to kill.  He thinks that after the ‘fall’ of Eve, you know, that myth where she eats of the tree of knowledge and is expelled from the garden of Eden, animals had to have a slight tweak so they’d […]


Its all about the money

[SOURCE] Together the world’s tax havens allow rich individuals to hide trillions of dollars from national tax authorities. The OECD estimates that $US7 trillion ($10 trillion) has been stashed away, while anti-haven campaigners say the true figure is at least $US11.5 trillion. Say what?  $1,000,000,000,000 that’s one trillion dollars.  Wish I had a bank balance […]

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Hour of no power increases emissions | The Australian

Hour of no power increases emissions | The Australian. It’s Earth Hour, right now, here. I don’t give a swinging alpacas nuts in May. I’ve got the lights on, the computers going and I”m cooking a very nice spag bolg with the gas. If there’s going to be change in this world, if we are […]

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