Popes in town

The bloody Pope is in town.  Well Sydney.

The media is full of it.  The Sunday Herald-Sun even had a pin up of the man in the centre pages.

He’s going to say sorry, apparently.  Sorry for all the angst caused to sexual abused boys and girls at the hands of his work force.  I can’t wait to see how that goes down.

Then there’s the whole World Youth Day thing.  Too much singing and praying if you ask me.  Its time that would be better spent changing the world, not standing around getting excited by a cross and statue arrive. [SOURCE]

So, Sydney is closed down, the pope is on holiday with a cat, you can’t annoy catholics.  Meanwhile, our food crisis continues, China continues its pre-Olympic crack down and the cost of fuel continues to rise.

Why is it a World Youth Day?  Feels like its been going on for months already.  But then again, this is the same bunch that calls 3 p.m Friday to dawn the following Sunday as 3 days.

So, its ok, do your singing, do your dancing.  Be happy.  God loves you and will take care of all those other problems as you think he shines his face upon you bunch of catholic wankers.

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