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The Queen

[SOURCE] The Queen – you know the one, her Maj with the Vag, she’s in town.  I’m moist with excitement. Suddenly the politicians are falling over each other, trying to touch her private bits that not even Phil is allowed near.  Just how do you treat Her Maj with the Vag?  There’s uproar around the […]

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Election 2010

Tony Abbott cops a willy waving speedo guy

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Politics and jesus – The ACL

The ACL have been busy getting themselves organised for the upcoming election, Jim Wallace, the most upstanding and righteous person in Australia, closer to his god than even Archbishop Hell, organised to get KRudd and The Rabbit into the same space to talk about all things christian. It was a secret meeting, unless you paid […]

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The Rabbit Answers

Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott Rabbit was on the ABC’s QandA last night, when he was asked to explain why he thought marriage was between a man and a woman he responded: TONY ABBOTT: Well, just because that’s what a marriage is. I think it’s a definitional question. I’m not saying that there can’t […]


The Freshly Doug Rabbit

[SOURCE] Doug Pollard interviewed Tony Abbott on his radio show earlier this week (Joy 94.9).  It was a really good interview, the rabbit seems quite honest in his answers.  Of course the rabbit recently said that he felt threatened by gay people, and that we challenge the natural order of things.1 So, I guess he […]

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Tony is the Rabbit

[SOURCE] Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition.  He’s also stuck in the 50’s.  Not too long back he said that women should treat their virginity as a ‘gift’.1.  Back in 2004 he said on Lateline that he had not visited Cardinal Pell when he had.2.  Tony the Rabbit has also said that paid […]

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Abbott the Rabbit

[SOURCE] The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has been talking.  The man shouldn’t open his mouth. In a nutshell, the man, who seeks advice from Cardinal Hell, tells women they should keep their virginity and treat is as a gift – a gift that should be open like a box of chocolates says my […]

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