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Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change

[SOURCE] What?  Say that again: Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change That’s what I thought you said. Christians around the world have joined in prayer on Sunday for poor countries that are already experiencing the negative effect of climate change. For over 2000 years christians have prayed for world peace, look […]

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Roast Penguin

[SOURCE] I love Emperor Penguins.  They are so big and flappy.  They are resilient and amazing critters who roam around the Antarctica, breeding and eating and making lots of noise.  And there’s so many of them. So, when one such penguin arrived in New Zealand and promptly got sick because he was eating sand instead of ice, he was taken […]

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Chinese die for your Ipad

[SOURCE] Last year I blogged about Foxconn.  They make Ipads for our consummation.  The workers in the Foxconn factory commit suicide.  They leap out of the buildings to kill themselves because of the way they are treated.  Foxconn’s response, wasn’t to make conditions better for the workers, it was to put nets up, probably so they […]


Useless god

[SOURCE] Encounter is a program on Radio National – part of the ABC.  It’s a sort of religious program that apparently ‘explores the connections between religion and life’.  This week they did a story on the floods in Central Victoria and as Martyn Scrimshaw a salvation army officer based in Bendigo was talking I was talking […]


Boats from China

[SOURCE] While people are worrying about boats from Indonesia carry illegal immigrants, some of them being dashed upon the shores of Christmas Island, (which is very disturbing in itself), the State Governement in Victoria, newly elected and all nice and shiny, is suggesting that we allow more ships in from China, their cargo would not […]

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Bygones of an era that was lost a long time ago!

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Committing Suicide – Part 2

In a follow up to an earlier blog, Foxconn promises payrises for the workers in their factories.

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Committing Suicide

Low paid, highly strung, workers in China kill themselves. Are you to blame?

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Shake me up baby!

The christians, well some of them, are waiting for the coming of their smelly dirty jewish messiah (I don’t imagine cleanliness was high on the agenda back in the year dot). They want so much for the world to end, for all the sinners to be cast into hell that they are on the look […]

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The world farts

All these leaders, those elected, those who seized power, those puppets, all of them went to Copenhagen to talk about global warming.  You know, the change in the climate of this planet, the only place the we have to live.  There’s ongoing concern and evidence that the climate is changing.  Did I mention that this […]

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