Phone madness


The whole debate about whether or not mobile phones cause brain tumours is interesting, but clearly not a concern enough for us to stop using our phones.

What’s more scary is that while driving to the office, I was following a young woman in a car who was talking on her mobile while holding it to her left ear with her left hand.  With her right hand she was holding a cigarette and putting that in her mouth and then flicking the ash out the window and in between resting her arm on the window frame.

This means she was steering the car with her little finger or thumb while holding a lighted cigarette and talking on the phone,  she may also have been using her knees, and it also means at times she had no hands on the steering wheel.  Just as well the wheels are properly aligned.

As I followed her, we crossed a busy major road of 4 lanes, passed through a school zone and a small shopping centre.  Somehow she managed to turn left, without letting go of the phone and by sticking the fag in her mouth.

She’ll never get a brain tumour.  She’ll get a bus in the side of the head.


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