The trouble with boys

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This stuff really gets on my alpaca (or goat if you prefer).

The sub-text is that somehow boys are broke and need to be fixed.  Hey, we’re not broke, so stop trying to fix us.  Different, yes, you don’t need a government grant to work that out.  We learn in different ways, we do things differently and we think about sex a lot.  But we don’t need to be taught how to be the sort of men that women want.  I like me just the way I am.  Well apart from the extra weight around my belly button.

There is no trouble with boys, there’s trouble with a system that refuses to allow for differences in the sexes and the way we learn.  Sure, you can separate the sexes, but remember, in this world we all live as one on equal terms, so while it might be good for the girls to get a better start in life, in the end single sex schools teach exclusion and reek of sexism.  Its about time we just got on and taught everyone to the best of their ability and stop trying to fix them.

There.  I said it.  Now I’m going to go and shit in the woods.

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