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Education is such a wonderful thing, no really it is. I guess we’re lucky llamas in Australia. I think we have a first class education system. Of course, plenty of people would disagree with that. One thing that gets me, is how much it costs to educate children. Oh, its a nice topic to get stuck into, but that’s a story for another day. Today’s story is about advertising education.

I got a copy of Dux Magazine in my letter box recently, (it’s the South edition) I think it appeared in the local newspaper. Its all about eduction. It says its “Your essential guide to education in Melbourne” There’s a website be sure to scroll down to the Dux articles and have a read of “The Trouble with boys” more on that in another post.

The magazine is really devoted to advertising schools and kindergartens. The language they use is just superb and reminds me of real estate advertising. I’ve never seen so many places offering high quality education with fully qualified teachers, claims of smaller class size and unique learning environments and of course academic excellence. I love that, a school that strives for academic excellence, like nobody had ever thought of that.

Why is it that schools need to compete? I get that different schools have different teachers, and maybe even different techniques, but come on – since when did education become competitive? Coke and Pepsi need to compete for a market share and profit. Schools don’t or shouldn’t be making a profit. Its about kudos? Why? Surely every school should have the task of educating their children to the best of their academic excellence.

Education is important, it’s a sad day when private schools are competing for students, it’s all so, well grubby and it makes me think that its not about the kids, its about bums on seats and money.

Here’s some of my favourite PR speak:

  • harmonising academic excellence
  • supported by specialist teachers
  • learning programs designed to stimulate
  • dynamic learning community
  • world leader
  • life long learning experience

Now, where’s that spell checker…..

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