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Abbott the Rabbit

[SOURCE] The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has been talking.  The man shouldn’t open his mouth. In a nutshell, the man, who seeks advice from Cardinal Hell, tells women they should keep their virginity and treat is as a gift – a gift that should be open like a box of chocolates says my […]

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[The Australian Family Association] The Australian Family Association (AFA) is really keen to make sure it keeps marriage between one man and one woman.  Really keen.  They’ve launched a campaign. They must be running scared. Perhaps the Equal Love campaign has had more success than they thought. Perhaps the recent surveys showing 60% of Australians […]


Prayers for Bobby

[IMDB] [Wikipedia] [PFLAG DC] Prayers for Bobby is the story of a mother (Mary Griffith) who does everything within her power to cure her son (Bobby) from his homosexuality. I got to watch the show last night.  It is a very powerful movie and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.  Made even more […]


Stop making babies

[SOURCE] Things are so bad in India, they’re just making babies all the time, that the call has gone out to electrify all the villages and install television as a method of contraception. The theory is that people will stay up all night with their new electric lights, watching television and be so tired that […]


Just get married

I’ve written about marriage plenty of times on this blog. There’s organisation devoted to keeping marriage between a man and a woman and there’s organisations hoping to achieve equality so all can get married. The ‘traditionalist’ are frighten that ‘allowing’ men to marry men or women to marry women will bring about the destruction to […]

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Kiss Kiss

Courage Campaign | Contribute. NOM The National Organization for Marriage is an American outfit who are trying to save marriage so that’s its between one woman and one man. All very christian and nice, you know the type. So, they released a commercial about the ‘coming storm’ and made some outrageous statements – its worth […]

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Lobby for Jesus

Australian Christian Lobby National Homepage. You know that jesus bloke.  Well, from what I can understand the dirty little jew boy was the son of god, that’d be the god of Abraham, the one true god, the creator of heaven and earth (at last, someone to blame for all the screwups).  Well, it seems that […]

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The trouble with boys

Full Story This stuff really gets on my alpaca (or goat if you prefer). The sub-text is that somehow boys are broke and need to be fixed.  Hey, we’re not broke, so stop trying to fix us.  Different, yes, you don’t need a government grant to work that out.  We learn in different ways, we […]

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News Story I just knew that would get your attention. So – you’re a bloke and you get asked to father a child and you’re told that you’ll never have any involvement with that child. You agree, and make a lesbian couple very happy.  But drats and darn it – they split up.  Now to […]

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