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The Freshly Doug Rabbit

[SOURCE] Doug Pollard interviewed Tony Abbott on his radio show earlier this week (Joy 94.9).  It was a really good interview, the rabbit seems quite honest in his answers.  Of course the rabbit recently said that he felt threatened by gay people, and that we challenge the natural order of things.1 So, I guess he […]

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Pope Smope

Resplendent  in his red slippers1 Pope Bendydick has yet again been out there spreading his vile hatred of homosexuals in jesus name! The pope has said that Britain’s laws that aim to remove discrimination against homosexuals will discriminate against his little catholics by not allowing them the right to religious freedom [SOURCE].  I guess that’s in much the same way […]


God gave us Free Will

God the great creator of the universe, the being that is responsible for our very existence, the deity that we owe everything to, gave us free will. No doubt he thought it a stroke of genius.  He set in place a bunch of rules that get handed down in sacred texts that is his inerrant […]

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Abuse of children

There should be no doubt in your mind that religion is poison.  Teaching children about religion is psychological abuse, and should be stopped. The christians teach that you should do the right thing by god, because god loves you and wants you to live with him forever in heaven.  That’s so sweet.  But they also […]

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Security gone mad

[SOURCE]. This poor Aussie guy was trying to get home from Dubai and for whatever reason he was stopped by a plain clothes officer who grabbed his wrist.  So he swore at him, well not really at him, he says he said “What the fuck”, which I guess was a question. Now he’s without his […]

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The ACL and Human Rights

[SOURCE] Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is whinging because his side didn’t win. People responded to the National Human Rights Committee consultation in their droves.  It seems that Amnesty International and GetUp! were able to muster their forces and have a significant impact on the number of submissions made. Jim babes doesn’t […]