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TeamJesus has the power to confuse!

Twitter is a fun time activity that gives me much joy. For a little bit I followed #TeamJesus, it has lots of happy followers all saying nice things about their god, I had a question for Jazzie, she describes herself on her Twitter account as: @JazzieBeee in His will, California GOD, FAM, & Musiq. everything else […]

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Midsumma is here!

Midsumma has arrived – get out and enjoy!

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Oh, and wait

The Love Llama turns. Be sure to wish him a pleasant turning!

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Smak dem christians

What can I say, it’s been a tough year and I’ve heard way to many christmas carols. Here’s my answer:

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Anal Sex According to the Word of God

Anal Sex According to the Word of God. I’ve long thought that too many people have had a go at translating and interpreting the bible.  The true meaning was lost hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  The toss pots that consider it to be the inerrant word of their god are living in a […]


Crossing Supervisor

Every morning he stands at the crossing.  A barrier between the children and their education. Two children approach, very eager, can’t wait to get to school and present themselves before the school crossing supervisor.  Dressed in his sparkling white coat with his red striped vest with the reflective bands. “None Shall Pass” he says. “What?” […]

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Jesus Loves You

It’s always nice to know that jesus loves me, I’m sure he can see this all the way from heaven. View Larger Map So, you can either spend your time creating 9 metre letters in the paddock, or you can go and do something useful with your time – like help people.

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Pay as you go

Ryanair considers charging passengers to use toilet. So Ryanair want to charge its customers to use the dunny on their planes.  Should make for interesting times.  I can just see people taking a dump in the aisle to save a pound. What next?  Having to pay to watch the inflight movie… having to pay for […]

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Google Searching

My site stats give me lots of useless information, among them are the strings that people search for to reach my site.  It always gives me a bit of a chuckle. Have a look at this stuff!  Twice someone search on ‘how much money can some one’s llama make in a year’ – what sort […]

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Sleep baby Sleep

This Llama is such a silly llama. For years I’ve been tired – really really tired.  I though it was because I spent too much time standing in the paddocks looking at the other llama’s. So, I went to visit the Vet, the Vet said why don’t you just get more sleep.  I was dumbstruck […]

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