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Spinksy hopes God has a good excuse

[SOURCE] Just when you thought that married life for Spinksy would settle him down, you know now he can get laid while Jesus watches, along he comes with another wild blog to tell those Atheists just how fucked they’re gonna be! The Atheist Convention of 2011 was such a rousing success that they are doing […]

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Spinksy and Timmy – new best friends in jesus

Spinksy and his newest bestest friend apart from jesus is Tim Tebow! How crazy is it that god is with Spinksy and Timmy but not the poor or the hungry!


Spinksy on Carols

[SOURCE] Spinksy is back for another mind-numbing blog of inane shit. God is pleased with music that glorifies Him. The Psalms are full of adoring music to our creator and saviour. Many of the carols that are sung are, indeed, reflecting and discussing the absolute power and majesty of our King. Yet, I can’t help […]

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Spink the Christian Condemns Instead of Helping

[SOURCE] Like a lazy lizard to slack too even throw up, along comes me old mate Spinkys to heave up at us yet more really stupid stupid stuff.  He calls his latest efforts, “Dare to be Different”. Of course, he doesn’t dare to be different to those in his own little world, because then he’d […]

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Gay Glee Sex and Cameron Spink

[SOURCE] Last time I wrote about this website, Resistance Thinking, the only author on the right-wing christian hate blog responded to it in my comments, apparently it made his night, which is good to hear.  It seems his fiance found my article after a Google search on Cameron Spink, which I did too – the […]


Resistance is useless!

[SOURCE] Some strange christian fucktard over at an appropriately named site “Resistance Thinking” is talking about Geoff Shaw1, the silly state politician in Victoria who thought it a good idea to display his deep seated homophobia when talking with one of his constituents. Cameron Spink is the author and he’s a right little Bill Muehlenberg, he […]