Gay Glee Sex and Cameron Spink


Last time I wrote about this website, Resistance Thinking, the only author on the right-wing christian hate blog responded to it in my comments, apparently it made his night, which is good to hear.  It seems his fiance found my article after a Google search on Cameron Spink, which I did too – the first hit, at least in my browser, was my blog post.  Bit like searching for Rick Santorum, US politician on Google.  Santorum is a very right-wing radical christian with a hateful attitude towards people who are gay.  His name is now forever connected to a website that defines santorum as

“The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”

It’s always good to do a Google search on your prospective partners name, just to see what they get up to.  I probably should apologies to Spinksy girl, she was apparently quite distressed.  Instead may I suggest that if you are the intended Mrs. Spink to be wedded to Spinksy, I suggest you depart now and visit this instead.  It’ll help pay for the wedding.

Spinksy has written another article, this time about Glee and the gays.  I don’t watch Glee.  Don’t give a low level hard drive format for it.  One of the llama off spring quite like it.

Yet, it is time we took a stand against this show, tailored towards teens, because of their newest episode (November 9th) entitled “The First Time”. This episode concentrates on two couples losing their virginity for “the first time”. Couple no. 1 is the shows leads Finn and Rachel and couple no. 2 is homosexual Glee member Kurt and his boyfriend Blaine. It is extremely unfortunate that so many shows promote this pro-sexual promiscuity like the sexual behaviour by Finn and Rachel. Yet, this is dwarfed by the depiction of sexuality between Kurt and Blaine.

Oh no, teenagers loosing their virginity for “the first time”!   (ummm… never mind)

Couple number 1 is opposite sex.  Couple number two same sex.  Teenagers never lose their virginity.  Let’s avoid the fact that very few people since about the year dot have no sex until they get married.

There are next to no shows that display a conservative approach yet a significant amount of influential shows are spawned from “progressiveness” in an attempt to give relationships equal weight. Lea Mitchell, the actress who portrays Rachel, said  “I wouldn’t have done [the sex scene] if I didn’t feel like they were doing it in the right way”.

Oh please, you must’ve seen Little House on the Prairie?  I reckon TV is actually produced to sell stuff to people.  Nobody is watching shows that give a conservative approach as the rest of the population aren’t buying it.  There is no market for it.  That puts your nutty religious attitudes on the outer.  Most people don’t agree with your ‘conservative approach’.

Unfortunately, this scene was missing the key element that could have made it right, marriage. Not that this needs to be seen on free-to-air television either. No doubt Glee is advocating that dating or homosexuality is no different than marriage.

Spinksy mate, I’m telling this because I love you, you need to get with the times.  Sex is good and happens outside of marriage everywhere.  You’re fooling yourself if you think any religion has the ability to stop it.  People fuck.  All the time.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  And guess what, some people have sex with the same gender, nothing wrong with that either.

Spinksy, you can believe whatever you like. You go ahead and have your perfect marriage, wait for that wedding night so you can consummate your relationship.  I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the Mrs.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page, you can actually make comments there, unlike the blog site that has no way to interact with Spinksy – that’s coz you should just accept what he says, there’s no room for conversation on this.

Oh, and change the name of your blog.  “Resistance Thinking” when applied to a religious site.  It’s just silly.

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2 Responses to Gay Glee Sex and Cameron Spink

  1. Caleb says:

    Good on ya Cameron! Why should the world be forced to accept and support the clearly unnatural practice of homosexuality?
    It’s not right to display it as something that is ok to people who are of an influential age.
    Stay in the closet fellas!

    • Bruce says:

      Good on Caleb – let us know how you’re so certain that being gay is clearly unnatural. Let us know why it’s wrong to display love for another person.
      Perhaps it’s you who should be in the closet.