Jews do it too!


There are reports of sexual abuse and cover ups happening in Melbourne’s jewish community.  And just like other religious organistations there’s a scramble to denounce and distance your synagogue from the perpetrators.  Good thing too.

But then there’s still the apologists who try to cover up and minimise the dreadful impact that abuse has on the victims, they try to minimise the shame that may be brought upon them.

The worshippers believe Rabbi Telsner, the spiritual head of Yeshivah, was questioning the right of individuals to ventilate their concerns. One worshipper felt “outraged and threatened” when the rabbi asked the congregation “who gave you permission to talk?” Rabbi Telsner declined to clarify his remarks yesterday.

The good rabbit doesn’t want people to talk about the issue?  If you belong to this shul then you should be demanding a full investigation, you should be demanding that everyone who hid this abuser, or who knew of his record, should be thrown out of the synagogue in disgust.  There is no excuse for shielding those that commit offences against harmless children.

Then there’s the president of that community organisation called the JCCV

“If there is sexual abuse, victims must be encouraged to make reports and must not be made to feel that they’re going to be ostracised or punished in any way whatsoever,” Mr Searle said.

What a dumb arsed attitude.  Perhaps what he meant to say is “We will support all victims to tell their stories, we’ll help you navigate your way through this with love and support”.  Instead we get this attitude of making the victims do the action, with a sort of semi threat that if they tell the story they may well be ostracised or punished, because he says that they must not be made to feel, which means the reality is that they will be ostracised and punished, just not outwardly.

Tim Minchin really needs to do a song for the jews.

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4 Responses to Jews do it too!

  1. The sooner the douche-bag wanker John Searle is hounded out of the Jewish community of Victoria, the better of we will all be.

  2. I agree with you, Tim Minchin *should* make a similar song for the Jews. But do you know why he won’t? Because the poor sensibilities of the ‘most persecuted nation on earth’ won’t allow him. It will take about 3 seconds before the comparisons with nazi’s are all over the place.

    Mulsims and pictures of Mohammed, Catholics and the abuse of crackers and Jews… well, they play the ‘most persecuted nation on earth’ card way too often. Funny that they’re all Abrahamic religions. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never heard of Hindus or Buddhists freak out like they do…

    Yahweh (or his followers…) must have quite a chip on his shoulder.

  3. Colin says:

    The song says it all.

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