The fairy congress

250 gather in field near Twisp for fairy congress.
Grown people, adults, 250 of them have been to Twisp for the ninth annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress.  That’s right a fairy congress, apparently, just outside Twisp the veil between their dimension and ours is thinnest.  I would content that there is something in the water akin to mad cow disease.

It seems that not one of the fairy heads have actually seen a fairy, but no matter.  The fairies are watching over us, just like angels.

It’d be good if Twisp would disappear into the fold between the dimensions and take the 250 fairy lovers with them.  None of them are grounded in reality and need more that a little fairy dust to wake them out of their stupid outlook on life.

I’m sure they’d find it much easier to cope if they took a decent look at themselves and asked a few questions.  The top one being “Why have I never seen a fairy”.

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