I’ve been messing around with Twitter, and I’m yet to realise its full potential.  I can see how it does have potential to be a really powerful tool in getting your message out quickly to your supporters.

Trevor Cook over at Corporate Engagement talks about how email is too difficult to get your message out these days, and twitter might be the way of the future.

I’m following a few people here and there, its interesting, but not really a great social networking tool for me.  I guess as more people start to use it it might become more useful.

A quick sample of some comments posted just recently:

“24C in London. Work. Pool @ Shoredich. Picnic dinner. It’s rain for the rest of the week so have to make the most of it, right?”

“work monday then went to lisarow, which smells really familiar. um then went to g-town saw jayde went to work, almost time for french”

“work work work”

There is some good stuff in there too, I like OilCrash – it sends a tweet every time the price of oil goes up or down a whole dollar per barrel.  That’s very clever and really appeals to this Llama who watches the price of oil with a great deal of interest.

So, off I go to do some twittering….

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