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Ravaged by recession

Britain’s super-rich ravaged by recession – Management – Executive Style. Sometimes the numbers just wash over you. Indian-born steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal topped the list for the fifth year running – but he and his family’s wealth has plunged 61% to STG10.8 billion ($22.23 billion) in 2008, sharply down from STG27.7 billion ($57.01 billion) in […]

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Its all about the money

[SOURCE] Together the world’s tax havens allow rich individuals to hide trillions of dollars from national tax authorities. The OECD estimates that $US7 trillion ($10 trillion) has been stashed away, while anti-haven campaigners say the true figure is at least $US11.5 trillion. Say what?  $1,000,000,000,000 that’s one trillion dollars.  Wish I had a bank balance […]

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High food prices help Afghans drop opium

High food prices help Afghans drop opium – Breaking News – World – Breaking News. 90% of the world’s opium comes from Afghanistan.  I think we’ve been bombing the wrong areas.  The crops should have been fire bombed, that’d help the farmers grow crops that actually feed the worlds 923 million starving.  I’m eager to […]

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California gay marriage ban

AFP: Lawsuits to challenge California gay marriage ban. You’ve been waiting for me to comment on this, haven’t you? For those of you who don’t know, Proposition 8 was voted on in the recent elections in the USA’s California.  The intention was to write into the constitution of that State that marriage was between a […]

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The price of petrol

OPEC fails to halt price plunge | smh.com.au. So, in an effort to keep the price inflated, OPEC has cut back on how much oil they produce. The greedy mother fuckers. No mention of cutting back production to look after the environment, or to help those in developing nations afford transport for education and food, […]

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Bruce Does Pod -3

Download in OGG format (right click and save) In my 3rd podcast I talk about the current stock market crisis, look at twitter and George entertains us with his view on a couple of websites. Links: Twitter Ugly People Men who look like old lesbians Jake Stone Bruce Llama Podcasts by Bruce Llama is licensed […]

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Food crisis could defeat Millennium Goals

Reuters AlertNet – AU says food crisis could defeat Millennium Goals. The goal was to reduce by half the number of people living on less that a dollar a day.  $1.00. Its estimated that there are 100 million people being forced back into poverty by the sharp increase in food prices.  The global credit crisis […]

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Fix it

There’s so much wrong with the world.  With us.  As a species.  We’re selfish.  We consume vast amount of resources with little regard for the world.  We take advantage of those in poorer countries for our own comfort.  We fight and squabble over who should get to lead us, at times leading to bloodshed.  We […]

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Where’s all the food?

Apparently there’s a food crisis happening in the world.  I’ve spoken about it before .  Its a pretty hard thing to contemplate here in Australia.  Although last time I did my shopping it cost me about $200, gone are the days when it was $130. I despair, really I do.  How can it be that […]

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Climate Change – what can you do?

I heard on the news yesterday that there’s food riots going on around the world. Apparently the cost of grain (rice and wheat) has risen so much that the poorest of the poor can’t afford to buy food. So, we rich people can afford to buy it and throw it out because we have too […]

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