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Psychic Energies- Sydney Psychic Readings.

Alex Telman does psychic readings.  He’ll be in Sydney for the next couple of days and for a mere $150 you can have him do a reading on you.  That’s right, $150.00

My face to face Psychic Life Readings are comprehensive, extremely useful and accurate. They are all about you!

That’s a hoot!  I don’t know why everyone isn’t flocking to him getting a reading.  And what’s more, he’ll stick it on a CD so you can listen to it as often as you like.

He’s website also has testimonials.  There’s no names, facebook pages, email or twitter accounts associated with the quotes.  For all we know he may have written them all himself.  Oh, he does have some testimonials from dead people that he provides names for, so go ahead, check with the dead people about what they thought… oh, wait, I see a problem… they’re dead!

You can get a free reading on his site too!  Woo hoo!  I trundled off for my free numerological reading, you do this by adding up your birthdate and keeping adding until you reach a single digit.  Mine is 4.  Then I read what a 4 is.  And, guess what, it was mostly right, but then so was 2, and 3 and a couple of others.

And be sure to watch his video.  He talks to you while wearing a headset complete with microphone and reads his script.  He made me feel so special.

So, fork over your money and let me know just how accurate he is!  Or perhaps you’d like to donate your money to somebody that actually needs it.

Alex Telman, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer.  He’s credentials include membership of American Association of Exorcists and he has 3 wishes for you,

I wish that you embrace a profound shift to a higher level of healing & empowerment
I wish that you release outworn habits and behavior patterns
I wish that you access more of your inner self and your connection to the Universe.

He leaves the 4th wish off, which I guess is sort of like an unspoken wish:

I wish that you get out your credit card and pay me a lot of your money.

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