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World Youth Day

I get mail, no really, I do. The fact that people don’t really understand what the blog is about is beside the point 2010/07/21 at 9:39 pm Dear Sir/Madam, I’m Miriam Stefania, web manager of the official website of World Youth Day 2011 Madrid. I’m writing to you as I saw you had the link […]

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Justin Fair (what a lovely name) left me a comment on one of my WYD08 blogs, and I thought it worthy enough for a blog of its own, but only because when I saw the comment, I thought some religious nutter had been on my site.  Those guys scare me.  When when I clicked through […]

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I saw Jesus die

On the TV.  In Sydney, down by the water.  They gathered in their thousands to watch.  It was probably one of the most disgusting things I’d ever seen.  They dragged this guy up on a cross and he took a bloody long time to die.  The pilgrims where beside themselves watching this stuff. What a […]

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I can be annoying

I’m delighted to see that the court has struck down the “don’t annoy the catholics” law. What a stupid law, fining someone because someone else finds them annoying.  Congrats to the NoToPope coalition. [SOURCE}

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Popes in town

The bloody Pope is in town.  Well Sydney. The media is full of it.  The Sunday Herald-Sun even had a pin up of the man in the centre pages. He’s going to say sorry, apparently.  Sorry for all the angst caused to sexual abused boys and girls at the hands of his work force.  I […]

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It’s Everywhere

This poor Llama resides in Melbourne.  I had rather hoped that World Youth Day would pass me by and the sense of outrage I feel would abate.  Alas, when I flung open the local newspaper (its the only real paper I get now days – I do all my news reading on line) I was […]


Rubber socks and WYD08

Look, I can’t help myself. I feel such a sense of outrage at the upcoming World Youth Day – WYD or even WYD08 (that’s just for the search engines). To start, there was the hype of their being 225,000 people arriving, now they’re 60,000 short – but that’s good and of course its always hard […]


Pope Protests

Source People protesting about the Pope coming to town.  Should be a hoot.  I like the name of the group – NoToPope Coaltion – they’re going to distribute condoms during the youth week thingy.  I reckon some of those horny catholic bastards will need them. “By calling homosexuality an objective disorder, and saying gay sex […]


World Youth Day WYD08

This July about 225,000 youth are expected to descend upon Sydney for World Youth Day, which is being organised by the catholic church as a week long pilgrimage for the young people of the world to share in the love of christ (poor bastards)  It has a youth festival which includes such wonderful things as […]